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    The Ohio River Valley Llama Association is one of the oldest llama associations in the country. It was founded in 1980 to provide camaraderie and the sharing of information among llama owners in the Ohio River Valley area. ORVLA has been known for years as an organization where people have fun and enjoy the life of llamas.

    TOPLINE, ORVLA's quarterly newsletter, keeps members current with informative articles, fun events and great photos.

    Members and their llamas are active in parades, nursing home and school visits, church camps, and many other activities too numerous to mention. In addition, ORVLA is known for promoting llamas through llama shows. There are more llama shows in Ohio than in any other state.

    President's Message
    Winter 2013

    Seems hard to believe that another year has begun. For Marie and I it will be our 18th year as llama and alpaca owners (yes, we have two of the little darlings!) and as ORVLA members. The year 2014 will be my third as your Association President.  As an organization we couldn't do anything without a great Board and I look forward to working with Dustin, our new Vice-President, Cindy and Kris as returning Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, and all the Board members at large, especially new member Bob Johnson.

    We just concluded our Board organizational meeting at Kris Miller's place. Much thanks to her for hosting the meeting and providing a sumptuous lunch for the Board and the families members present. Our great Topline editor and membership chair, Pat Linkhorn, also joined us at the meeting to keep us straight on all things Topline and membership related. Membership renewals were lagging badly at that time (only 30 renewals!)  but we know how we are, always late! If you have not renewed please do so right away so you'll be included in the membership directory that is scheduled to go out with the second Topline of the year.

    The Board wanted to continue to do a llama hike for the Fall of 2014 probably at a new location. Details of that will be coming.

    We discussed the up coming ORVLA Summer Solstice show. Janice Shilling will again be running it for us with many of the Board serving as show crew. Details will be in this Topline issue and on our web site. Hope to see you there.

    We especially wanted to show our support of the Ohio State Fair Llama and Fiber Show and its new Superintendent, Debbie Arendas. The Board voted a generous donation to the show for Debbie to use as needed for the show. We really encourage all llama people who have skipped this show for one or more reasons in the past to come back and make this a great debut for Debbie and crew.  We want to also show Fair Management that we are still out here having a good time with llamas and llama people.
    I again urge you to show your support for all the llama and alpaca shows and events in Ohio and the region in 2014.

    ORVLA, where the fun begins in 2014!

    Bill Safreed

    Read past messages from the President here.

    Board members for 2014
    We welcome Bob Johnson
    Back row: Bill Safreed, Cindy Wilson, Kris Miller
    Front row: Dustin Newton, Fred Tarr, Bob Johnson, Darlene Sutton, Doug Targett
    Tom Ross was unable to be at the meeting.



    ORVLA goes hiking!


    Hikers ready

    Getting ready to hike!

    About these Pictures

    These are pictures from the ORVLA hike on October 9, 2011 at Rob, Donna and Brian Spencer's beautiful farm near Beloit. The almost three mile hike through fields and woods.

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    ORVLA Founding Members

    ORVLA Honors Founding Fathers

    The Ohio River Valley Llama Association recently honored three couples as founders of the organization at their annual Christmas luncheon and general meeting.  The meeting was held December 4th at the home of Russ and Kris Miller of Galloway, Ohio.  The honoraries introduced were (left to right) Dennis and Janet Fender of Baltic, Hank and Connie Kauffman of Gambier and Al and Barbara Ramonde of Westerville.  Each couple spoke on their beginnings in the llama industry and entertained those present with humorous stories of incidents that occurred during their 75+ total years of raising llamas.  Each couple thanked the organization for the years of being an extended family, the friendships created and fun that they have experienced from being involved with llamas and the Ohio River Valley Llama Association.  Each couple was given a gift of appreciation from the organization to thank them for their service and years of involvement with the organization.

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