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    The Ohio River Valley Llama Association is one of the oldest llama associations in the country. It was founded in 1980 to provide camaraderie and the sharing of information among llama owners in the Ohio River Valley area. ORVLA has been known for years as an organization where people have fun and enjoy the life of llamas.

    TOPLINE, ORVLA's quarterly newsletter, keeps members current with informative articles, fun events and great photos.

    Members and their llamas are active in parades, nursing home and school visits, church camps, and many other activities too numerous to mention. In addition, ORVLA is known for promoting llamas through llama shows. There are more llama shows in Ohio than in any other state.

    President's Message
    Summer 2014

    We are well into the “dog days” of summer now and a lot of the llama show season is behind us. Speaking of that, the results for the 2014 ORVLA Summer Solstice Llama show are posted in this issue. Since the show is no longer at or near the Summer Solstice, your Board has decided to change the name to the “ORVLA Llama Show”. As usual, we had a great time with the best of Ohio llamas and exhibitors. We even had entries from Indiana, New York and North Carolina! Plan to be there next year, details will be coming.
    The Ohio State Fair Llama Show has also just concluded as of this writing. Your Board met there on Friday to discuss upcoming events, including The Hike at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds and the grand Christmas meeting, dinner and fundraiser at the home of Kris and Russ Miller. Minutes of the meeting are in this issue.

    New Superintendent Debbie Arendas and crew put on a great Ohio State Fair show and the llama community really turned out, with an increase of over 60 percent in number of entries. It was so large that Debbie indicated we might have to start the show earlier to get through it in a timely manner. It's heartening to see the great response to the calls for support from all of you. The increase in numbers and the great enthusiasm WAS noticed by the Fair management. This kind of participation is exactly what we need to keep a healthy llama show industry in Ohio. Look for the Fair show results in the next Topline issue.

    Not that llama shows are all we can do this year! Board member Fred Tarr has generously arranged for us to have the run of the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in October. The event is rain or shine, we can get under cover if it rains and have horse stalls to keep llamas. If you've not been there for the Jefferson County Fair Llama show in August you are missing one of Eastern Ohio's hidden gems in the fairgrounds and surrounding Friendship Park. I can't think of a better place to get together for a day of llamas, food and fun. You don't need to bring llamas to walk, but you can bring as many as you like and as many family members or friends as your vehicle will hold. If so inclined you are welcome to camp the night before too. It's entirely free to everyone and is being sponsored by ORVLA and NEOLA. Join us, won't you? Details are in this issue of Topline.
    It's also time to consider running for the Board of Directors. We'll have three  seats to fill for 2015 and everyone’s help is needed to keep a strong organization.
    Until next time... we are ORVLA, where the fun goes on!

    Bill Safreed

    Read past messages from the President here.

    Board members for 2014
    We welcome Bob Johnson
    Back row: Bill Safreed, Cindy Wilson, Kris Miller
    Front row: Dustin Newton, Fred Tarr, Bob Johnson, Darlene Sutton, Doug Targett
    Tom Ross was unable to be at the meeting.



    ORVLA goes hiking!


    Hikers ready

    Getting ready to hike!

    About these Pictures

    These are pictures from the ORVLA hike on October 9, 2011 at Rob, Donna and Brian Spencer's beautiful farm near Beloit. The almost three mile hike through fields and woods.

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    ORVLA Honors Founding Fathers

    The Ohio River Valley Llama Association recently honored three couples as founders of the organization at their annual Christmas luncheon and general meeting.  The meeting was held December 4th at the home of Russ and Kris Miller of Galloway, Ohio.  The honoraries introduced were (left to right) Dennis and Janet Fender of Baltic, Hank and Connie Kauffman of Gambier and Al and Barbara Ramonde of Westerville.  Each couple spoke on their beginnings in the llama industry and entertained those present with humorous stories of incidents that occurred during their 75+ total years of raising llamas.  Each couple thanked the organization for the years of being an extended family, the friendships created and fun that they have experienced from being involved with llamas and the Ohio River Valley Llama Association.  Each couple was given a gift of appreciation from the organization to thank them for their service and years of involvement with the organization.

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